Our mussels come from near the town of Logstor on the mid-west coast of Denmark. From the moment our fisherman Mr. Kaj catches them, no more than 12 hours pass before they arrive fresh on your table. Mussels stay fresh for 10 days at a temperature of 0 °C. Our advantage is that we transport them in a refrigerated truck ourselves and only from one supplier. This way, mussels from different areas can never be mixed, which is important for their quality. And one more big advantage… Our mussels are always caught for us only on the day of transportation, so they can't possibly get any fresher. The mussels that you enjoy here are the so-called "Linenmussels", i.e. cultivated mussels. The cultivation itself takes place at a distance of approx. 500 metres from the coast on lines, where the mussels grow for approximately two years, the shells are then clean and the meat ratio is about 40% greater than in classically caught mussels.   Well, see for yourself why we sell 1500 kg of them per month!