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Most often served are delicacy mussels, scallops and aslo mussels called „Nožovky“ looked like leg. Mussels are imported directly from the farmer. Monthly here consumers consumes about two and a half thousand kilograms of these molluscs. The most demanded is a classic preparation with white wine, but the popular are also mussels with dark beer, garlic and coconut milk and spices, Thai style. Total number or preparation is 12 ways. Mussels are usually served with fries or baked baguette. Favorites are also other top delicacies, fresh lobster, grilled octopus, oysters and shrimps or fish sausages. If you want to taste everything at once, go for the sets – big plates.


More than 100 beers of Belgium...

The beer list is compiled by beer sommelier Michael Kohut. It gives real gems. You can choose from light, dark, Trappist, special, wheat beers. The most popular beer is 8% Kastel Rouge, fruity special. ic Czech beers represents Staropramen, which can be found in each of the restaurants company La Gare Restaurants. From the tap is available always one fruit and "Beer of the Month". Bottled beers are represented by 56 samples with Kwak beer with its resembling glas or beer champagne.

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Pater Lieve Tripel / 8%
Top fermented light beer with firm white head, flowery and malty nose. The dominant flavour is spicy bitterness coupled with malty tones and clear alcohol presence followed by long bitter aftertaste. It is an ideal companion for Thai style mussels.
pivo 2
Les Moules / 5,5 - 6%
The bitter beer brewed special for our restaurant Les Moules.
pivo 3
Hopus / 8%
Authentic hop taste – this is the main characteristics of this special beer. Five kinds of Czech, Slovak and German hop create, when appropriately combined, a unique scent and bitterness. This is the only specialty that allows you to taste 4 beers in one bottle. Recommended with all kinds of meat and fish meals.
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The wine list of Les Moules is carefully compiled by French sommelier Aurelien Hinsinger. Aurelien cares about wine shop and wine cellar the company La Gare Restaurants. The wines are chosen so that is a real novelty. Are purchased on wine auctions, and also from many smaller and small French winemakers, whose wines can not be buy anywhere else in the Czech Republic. In Les Moules you can taste wines from the most famous French wine regions. These are undoubtedly the wines of Alsace, Burgundy, from both sides of Loar and Rhone, Bordeaux, Chablis, Languedoc, Languedoc-Rousillion and Champagne. All of these areas are well represented by white, red and rose wines. Aurelien is available in case of interest in wine tasting at any restaurant of La Gare Restaurants company, in your office or your company party.

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The story of the mussels on your table …

Our mussels are cultivated close to Logstor city - middle part of west coast of Denmark, these mussels are called linemussels... they are fished by our fisherman Mr. Kaj ... never longer than 12 hours from fishing to your table and mussels are fresh 10 days stored in fridge by zero celsius optimal storage temperature, our advantage is that we import them ourselfs from one suplier and they are not mixed from different regions. Very important for best quality!!!

Cultivate is based 500 meters from the coast on line, they grow 2 years, shells are clean and meat contains more 40 % large as the wild mussels, fantastic taste already as NATUR...

Radek Vlasák

Chef Les Moules

I'm cooking and having fun from it for the almost eighteen years around the hotels and restaurant. I returnt to the Les Moules restaurant 2 year ago, after 8 years somewhere else. The appels to me especially the variety of raw materials and preparation of meals from all around the world, I had the opportunity to learn through all places I worked, thanks to colleagues from other countries, with whom I had the pleasure to work with. The Czech classics is still the closest to my heart. Chef simply does not become, but is being born. There is nothing better than you can see raw materials, which you work every day with, how they grow, mature, and you just can have them and cook. And that's why I always wanted to have all of such joy as this work.

Radek Vlasák
Michal Kohout

Michal Kohout

Beer sommelier LesMoules

Working in restaurants and gastronomy was something I always liked, but I was not entirely sure, what to look for exactly. The closest was probably the beer, after first meet with belgian beer round about eight years ago, it was clear and I knew the way I want to go. Then after the first visit to Belgium, where I met with in detail diverse world of beer and I began to be interested in more about its production and everything that goes with it.

Veronika Vopatová


Veronika worked before Les Moules as a waitress in hotel Hilton Prague. In Les Moules started also as a waitress and after seven years become the restaurant manager. In La Gare Restaurants now work already 11 years. Hers job is for her kind of passion, which proof hers longterm cooperation.

Veronika Vopatová

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